How To Scale Your Business With Shopify Plus In 2024?

As per the Store Leads 2024 Shopify Plus report, 28,000+ Plus stores have experienced over 14% YoY growth increase. These stores showcase how they used Plus’s modern capabilities in scaling their business with unparalleled support. In addition, over 20000 worldwide merchants have successfully expanded their online presence and redefined their success rate. Join us as we explore the best e-commerce growth strategies of 2024! 

Overview and Key Features

The Plus platform is specifically created for high-growing and high-volume businesses that want to expand and scale with new technology and trends continuously. It provides you with enough customization, control, and scalability options alongside the listed features:

1. Organization Settings, Apps and Channels 

With Shopify Plus’s organization settings, you can manage all your stores from an intuitive dashboard. This way, you can simplify most of your operations and get complete control over them. Grab the opportunity to access up-to-date Shopify channels and apps to improve your scalability efficiently.

2. Customizable Checkout and API Resources

Now you can personalize the checkout experience for your customers with more control and the effective Shopify Plus scalability feature helps you create a branded and seamless customer journey. Besides, the Plus platform supports various API calls for custom app integration and creating a more personalized shopping experience.

3. Unlimited Staff Accounts and Permission Settings

As your business grows, so does your staff. To keep everything streamlined, you can increase and control your staff without any additional costs on Shopify Plus. This is the beauty of the Plus platform for growing businesses. You can get staff control by checking Shopify admin alongside permissions for report exports and app access for better internal security and management.

4. Expansion and Development Stores

You can expand your business by cloning the store up to nine times for globalization and other growth opportunities. These stores will help you implement the pre-defined e-commerce growth strategies for optimal success. You can also have unlimited development stores to boost constant innovation and testing for improvements and a high success rate. 

Read this post to know Plus features in details!

5. Partner Program and Themes

When you want customized solutions without hiring an expert, you can access the Plus partners for technical expertise at any time. In simple terms, you get your hands on 24*7 Shopify Plus priority support alongside access to a large e-commerce community. Now add over 100 themes to your stores for theme customization, seasonal changes, and testing purposes. 

6. Shopify POS Pro and Integrations

When you choose the Plus plan, you can access 20 POS Pro locations and integration options of online+offline sales channels. You can use this feature for Shopify Plus scalability. With the integration features, you can manage your taxes with Avalara AvaTax to improve your store’s compliance and functionality.

7. Increased Locations, Markets and Academy

You can manage up to 200 store locations with efficient inventory management and order fulfillment. In addition, you can add over 50 markets on Shopify Plus to effortlessly facilitate global expansion and reach. With the Plus plan, you get self-guided training resources for business growth and ongoing development/learning.

To know more detailed exploration, you can check this page.

How Can You Optimize Your Plus Store?

When you improve your store, you mainly have to focus on functionality and design to deliver a seamless customer experience. Among the e-commerce growth strategies, you must have a visually appealing store that reflects your brand. The Plus platform effectively helps you create a unique and attractive online store with user-friendly navigation and responsive elements to keep your visitors and customers engaged. 

To perfectly optimize your Plus store, you can use its advanced customization capabilities and features to customize your store's feel and look. This way, your Shopify Plus store will stand out like a shining diamond in crowded e-commerce marketplaces.

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Leveraging Automation and Integration in 2024

The Plus e-commerce platform has modern integration options and automation tools to help you improve your store’s efficiency and streamline operations. With the automation features, you can effortlessly handle and manage repetitive tasks like customer interactions, order processing, and inventory management. To leverage Shopify Plus scalability features, you can use third-party apps or integrations for functionalities like CRM, analytics, or marketing automation. It saves you time and offers a smooth experience for your customers and your staff.

Expand Your Market Reach With Plus Platform

You can use Plus’s internationalization features to tap new markets and target new areas/customers. To serve your global customer better, Shopify Plus gives you multi-currency and multi-language options alongside the best SEO tools. You can also integrate various sale channels with your Plus store to increase your brand and product range visibility. To have the best results, always analyze your business requirements and personalize your e-commerce growth strategies to engage and understand your customer segments.

Real-World Success Stories 

You can find 300+ case studies here. In today’s blog, we have considered two Plus stores- Jigsaw and Giva. These stores used Plus’s capabilities, features, platform, integrations, and more to scale their business. Read the following details to know their Shopify Plus journey!

1. Jigsaw

Jigsaw is a British fashion brand that has a brand history of over half a century. Since 1970, the company has evolved tremendously but the COVID-19 situation arose as a requirement of digital visibility. For that reason, Jigsaw came onto the Plus platform in August 2021 to focus on Shopify Plus scalability without any technical logistics and other issues. The company used Plus's custom capabilities, speed, and usability to increase its product collection and improve customer experiences. Besides, the company accomplished a £2 million revenue in five months with a 10%  increased conversion rate. Eventually, Jigsaw launched 40+ new features​​​​ on their online store for customers. Check the complete study here


GIVA is an Indian silver jewelry brand that rapidly captured global customers' attention. As the company grows, so does its customer base. Hence, it turned to Shopify Plus to achieve a 100% increase in YoY revenue, a 193% increase in worldwide customer base, and serving their three regions effectively. The migration empowered GIVA to launch new stores, optimize inventory management, and manage permissions seamlessly. The company eventually leveraged Plus’s higher API rate limits and maintained inventory views for efficient growth and business operations. Read the full story here!

What Should Be Your Next Step?

The journey of e-commerce scalability is ongoing. However, business scaling comes with some challenges. As a part of your e-commerce growth strategies, you can focus on continuous learning and optimization through customer feedback and A/B testing. Are you prepared for 2024 scalability? Contact MS Web Designer for a free consultation or audit of your store to unlock the full potential! 


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